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A Word About Microsoft Updates22 Feb

In all my years of doing IT, I never thought I’d be writing a blog like this.  I am actually writing an open letter to Microsoft…

Dear Microsoft;

I realize windows updates are important and what we call “a necessary evil” however, I think you people need to do some more testing before you send out updates that virtually render machines inoperable. This is so irresponsible on your part.  Let me explain:

I deal with clients in other states via VPN and remote desktop. My clients are a small office with little IT resources maybe 10 PCs and 2 servers at most.  They do not have the money to invest in WSUS servers and contracts with Microsoft for support.  That is what I’m here for. My clients all use windows 10 pro and dell computers.  They stay up to date with updates and drivers too as it’s automatic.  Recently, they were forced, I say forced because you don’t have a choice to not update, to update; so they are running the latest version of windows 10, 1079.  If that’s not bad enough, they installed the latest updates one which included KB4074588. After installing this “lovely” update, they were unable to use their keyboards and mouse.  This update disabled all USB ports!  Good job!  The only way anyone was able to use their machine was to remote in.

After many phone calls back and forth to me and texts galore, I got to work doing as much research as I could.  I could not figure out if this was a hardware issue or a software issue, but my “gut” was, telling me it was software but I had no proof.  I started doing research and I finally found some information via my savor site Experts-Exchange.  They were able to point me in the right direction, which was update KB4074588, however this took days to figure out and in the meanwhile my clients were remoting into their PC’s to try to work.  I remotely uninstalled KB4074588 and finally the user(s) was able to use the keyboard and mouse again.

That’s not the end of the story… After that, the machines one by one decided to crash with “inaccessible boot device” and again I had to do hours upon hours of research to find a fix for that too!  Another update!

Again Experts-Exchange to the rescue and they gave me instructions on how to get around that too!  The last little surprise was one profile on a machine was corrupted beyond repair so I had to recreate a new one and that user was not happy.

So for 4 days I worked and worked with frustrated clients with no warnings,  and with help from the company that issued these fowl updates. The clients lost hours and hours of work time because they couldn’t use their machines.  If you call Microsoft tech support with these issues it’s at least $250-$300 before they will even speak with you and they caused this mess.  They should at least allow help for free since it’s their updates and their responsibility to make sure things function properly with their software. Again in my opinion irresponsible on Microsoft’s part.

I understand the security and safety issues we all face especially in business with users not being that educated enough to know when not to download something or when a web page is bogus. And between trying to keep the operating system secure from hacking it’s a tuff job and it’s a process.  However, Microsoft is now being a bit irresponsible with issuing updates that render machines basically glorified paperweights.  I think they need to do a bit more testing of things before they just blindly send stuff out and cause these type of issues.  In addition, may I say this is not the first time I’ve experienced Microsoft updates causing problems with the operating systems either, this one was just a major mess.  With windows 10, you can’t stop updates from installing!  As a result of this mess with windows updates, I disabled the service for windows updates until I can figure out a way to test each and every update and then it’s still going to be a fight to tell the machine which update to install and which update not to install. Again, almost impossible to do because Microsoft apparently does not care to have the user decide. Unfortunately, you’re dammed if you do and you’re dammed if you don’t! To be fair, I will say that the process of issuing updates is to say the least challenging, and I do understand that everything is basically catching up to what ever is newly invented however, testing is a necessary thing and I just think Microsoft should be more responsible on that end.  I’ve seen many updates crash operating systems lately and that’s not a good thing.


For anyone going through this mess this is what I had to do to resolve this issue.  I am posting it here:

This is with the 1079 update.  You’ll need to remotely Uninstall KB4074588. Then I had to do this because the machine wouldn’t boot it was inaccessible boot device:
Boot Windows 10
Go to Repair
Go to Tools/Options to get a command prompt.
Confirm the drive letter for the Windows image. Usually D: –> dir d:
Run the following to view the installed packages which will also show a date of install.
Dism /Image:D:\ /Get-Packages
Find the package(s) that were just installed by date. Run the following command on the last installed package:
example: dism.exe /image:d:\ /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_KB4014329~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
The patch that caused my issue was from 1/6/18 or 1/10/18     Remove the latest windows update entry with Rollup Fix in it’s name.  Once complete, close command prompt, turn off computer.  Power back up.  You should be back into WIN10.
If you still receive BSOD, rinse and repeat with the next latest update, try it again.  You’ll eventually boot right back into WIN10.

In addition, I found this


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