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I hear this question time and time again when I go to service PC’s. People complain that the machine is running slow. Most of the time they mean they are having trouble browsing the internet. I usually open up the browser and find tool bars everywhere. I usually ask, “Why did you install these tool bars?” and the answer I usually get is. “I didn’t, How’d that get there?”

So I here’s my tip on installing those “hidden extras when you update or download something from the internet”
I always tell people READ EVERYTHING before you hit that Next button.. So here’s my example of what to look for. Everyone gets those Java Orange Icons for updates located at the bottom right of the screen. Most of you, If not all of you click on that Orange Icon to update Java, but did you know that there’s a toolbar that will install if you don’t un-check the box? See my example.

Here's an example of a tool bar that will install if you don't uncheck that box

If you un-check that box (see example) the toolbar will not install in your browser. Do you know that most of the time when you download something from the internet it will install a toolbar or perhaps an advertisement? All you need to do is slow down and READ everything. You are in control to decide what gets installed on your PC and what does not.

By following this simple tip you’ll make your internet browsing experience hassle free and you won’t suddenly ask the question “How’d that get there?”

One Response to “HOW’D THAT GET THERE?”

  1. Chris

    Great advice! Those check boxes are so easy to overlook.

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