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I’m pretty crazy when it comes to spam protection and virus protection and I try to help people out as much as possible. This new strain the Ransomware Virus is a “killer”, mainly because there is no fix and there is no way out once you’ve been hit. So what can you do? Regardless if you are a business or a home user here’s some of my suggestions.

  • Awareness – This means think before you click. Or simply never click on anything on the internet without reading it! To many times I see people opening things or installing things without even knowing what they are doing. If you just take a minute to look carefully instead of mindlessly clicking on ok or yes you’d be able to catch many things that you should never install. If something doesn’t seem right to you just simply close your browser and start over. It’s as easy as that.
  • Email This is the easiest way to get caught especially in business. We are so bombarded with emails that we don’t stop to take a minute to see who they are from. NEVER TRUST AN EMAIL! Scammers use the logos of legitimate companies and make fake email letters and ads with phony links. You click on that phony link and you’re infected. Inspect all email it takes an extra five minutes to protect yourself.
    • A always look at the spelling. If there are spelling or grammar errors, then its most likely a fake
    • B – Never ever click on an attachment or a web link unless you are 100% sure of where you are going. So many people get infected because they get an email from UPS or Fed Ex with an attachment and they open it. Most of them aren’t even expecting a package! You need to KNOW that these companies if they email you will email you tracking numbers not attachments.
    • C Take the time to look at the email header – it will always tell you who it’s from. Just basically if you’re using a web mail program you can just right click on the sender address. If it has something like cpamea@msn,yahoo, etc it’s probably a fake a real one will look something like this – See my post “Is that email REAL or FAKE – How to Tell” – There a bunch of information on how to check to see if an email is real or fake.


  • If you backup your information on a device such as an external hard drive or USB drive, if you do get infected you at least have something to put back. I’m talking about pictures, documents, spreadsheets, etc. and keep it disconnected from your computer until you need it. This will save you especially if you have a home business. In a corporation there’s a saying in IT “you are only as good as your last backup”. So backup everything you can’t afford to loose

Phone Scams –

  • I’ve had people call me up telling me the IRS called them and they owe money and if they don’t pay within a specific amount of time the police will be coming to arrest them. This is phony – the IRS will never call you. There’s another scam where you receive a phone call that you have a virus on your machine and they would like to remote in to your computer and remove the virus. OK how in the world would someone calling you on the phone know you’re PC has a virus? I’ve had people call me up with computers that are completely locked and they can’t even login to them unless they pay. NEVER ever let anyone remote into your PC that you do not know.


  • Beware of website pop-ups that require immediate action (e.g., pop ups to install antivirus software or to “act now” to protect your computer). This will install a virus.


What do you do if you get infected?

  • If you are in a corporation call your IT department don’t try to handle it yourself. That’s what they are there for.
  • If you are a home user shut down your machine and call a tech you can trust to clean your machine. If you have backups, then you will be saved. If you happen to get infected with Ransomware there’s nothing you can do if you have no backups. If you pay these people you are only encouraging them to keep this up so protect yourself.

I hope these few simple tips will help protect you on the internet and when opening mail. The only way to stop these people is to do our best to avoid getting infected.  Virus protection will not protect you.

There’s one other suggestion I can make if you’re a home user who knows how to configure a router.  Symantec has something called Norton ConnectSafe which is two DNS IP addresses you can put in your router. This is ONLY for the HOME user not for Business.

It does the following:

All policies block malware, phishing and scam sites.

Pornography includes sites that contain sexually explicit material.

Other includes sites that feature: mature content, abortion, alcohol, crime, drugs, file sharing, gambling, hate, suicide, tobacco or violence.

You can find the information at

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