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There seems to be a theme today with robocalling and scams. There are many different types of phone scams.


  • Apple Cloud one
  •  IRS
  • Social Security
  • Particularly to target the Elderly, there’s a call from a supposed grand child in trouble and needs money.

Regardless of these calls, there are ways to protect yourself.
First things first. There are many apps for cell phones that you can download for free. Once such app is Call Protect from AT&T. This app actually lets you know when the call is a scam or a fake. It sometimes automatically blocks calls and it also allows the user to block calls. Verizon has it, Sprint has it and I’m sure the rest of the cell phone companies have them to. You just need to search for the app either in Google Play, if you are an Android user or the app store if you are an Apple user. These apps are free and they do work. If nothing else it will help identify when something isn’t right.

For those of you that have landlines, you’re not as lucky, there’s no apps for your landline. However, use common sense and really listen to what they are saying. If you do, you’ll know it’s a fake. The most common calls are about your Apple ID or I-Cloud account. I can assure you with 100% certainty that Apple Tech Support will NEVER call you. They don’t even know you exist unless you initiate the call. Apple or anyone else for that matter will NEVER know your account has been hacked.  They do not scan everyone’s accounts, it’s IMPOSSIBLE. But, these scammers try to make you believe they do.

The other common calls are the Social Security Scams, and the IRS scams – these too if you think about it are also just a way to get information from you. Social Security NEVER contacts you by phone. Its usually a letter in the mail and why would Social Security be asking you about your social security number in the first place? If they called you then they should already have that information and there’s no need to give it to them. The same can be said for the IRS. They will never call you to tell you that you owe them money or your taxes are due. You’ll get a letter in the mail, if the IRS is calling you then why are they asking you for information? They called you therefore they should already have that information. NEVER give out your information over the phone to someone that calls you.

The scam that targets the elderly, is about a “child” who calls grandma to tell her he’s in trouble and needs money wired to him. OK if you’re elderly, call your son or daughter and ask them if this is the case. Of course, the person on the other end is going to tell you not to tell mom or dad, but you need to be smarter than that. Tell them you’ll call them back. If it truly is your grandchild then you know the phone number and if they give you some story about their phone, then ask for the number where they are at and then call the parents. Again, common sense. And yes, I understand this is a pressure call, because they are hoping to sound desperate enough so you’ll drop everything and get them money.

This is holiday time so the scammers are out in full force trying to steal information from you. It’s a constant fight. As soon as one scam is discovered, another one isn’t far behind.

Today, the NY Post reported that 60% of Americans have been victims of robocall scams. That’s sad. But that’s what these scammers are hoping for. NEVER GIVE OUT INFORMATION, NEVER. If you make the call that’s different, you know who you’re calling but if someone is calling you, they should already have that information.

This is the article published in the New York Post:
This is an easy fix. Just listen to what’s being said and believe me you’ll outsmart them.

The same applies for on-line too. Emails are the easiest form of scams. You click something you get a virus and your information is stolen. Its that simple. I have various articles one how to spot a fake email please look them over so you can protect yourself.

Its truly unfortunate that today we live in a world where people want to steal your identity, your money and anything else they can but this is the world today and you have to be smarter than that. These calls are designed to make you panic and scared so that you will not think and let them just have what they want. Don’t do it, be smarter than that. Stop, take a breath, and think! If you do that you will NOT be fooled

I came across this today and I thought it was important to include in this post. Please don’t be fooled:

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